Hello Brigaders!

I hope all is well with you and you're all enjoying this beautiful weather.

First off, the De Anza Flea Market was a great success! Thanks to all of your guys' help and your donations, we were able to make $724.40! We are definitely planning on having a booth at the flea market again in the near future. So, that's yet another fundraiser to look forward to!

Speaking of upcoming fundraisers, our Escape Fire movie screening event is this Friday March 8th, 2013 from 6:00PM- 8:00PM. Gabe is asking for volunteers to help set up, man a donation/information table, help with lights and ushering inside the theater and for a few members to bring a laptop so people may make  donations online. Below I have provided the google doc sign up sheet. Please enter your name and answer the questions provided letting us know how and when you will be able to help with this event.

Update: Sorry I forgot to allow editing on the sign up sheet linked below. It's all fixed now. - Gabe

Escape Fire Movie Screening Sign Up Sheet

Although our fundraisers so far have proven to be pretty successful, don't forget to keep up that personal fundraising! Remember, the deadline for the $250 deposit on empowered is due on April 30th, 2013. Now, I've had a few members come up to me asking about ways to go about personal fundraising. The most straight forward way is to reach out to your friends, family, and anyone you may know who would be interested in supporting our cause. A template letter is provided on the wikidot page. You may use this to send out to people you know interested in donating to you. This letter is great for informational purposes and feel free to edit it however you like to make it sound a bit more personal.

To access this donation letter template
  • visit the wikidot site which is provided for you at the right hand side of the blog under LINKS 
  • go to the Fundraise tab and in the drop down box, click on Strategies and Tools 
  • Under 1. Online Email Campaign to Family & Friends, you should find the link to the donation letter template. 
Another strategy all of you should utilize for personal fundraising is trying to find a sponsor. Below I have provided you with a flyer that Gabe was kind enough to put together. Print out a few of these and go around to your local businesses and tell them a bit about brigades, why you're interested in the program, what you hope to get out of it, and if they would be interested in sponsoring you. Remember guys, if you do this you will be representing both Foothill College and Global Brigades, so act professional, please!

Foothill College Medical/Dental Brigades Sponsorship Flyer

As your Co-President, I really have been enjoying working towards our brigade with all of you. It's very exciting for me to see so many people possess such a drive to help others and strive to make a difference.

See you all next Friday.


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