Monday, August 18, 2014

See You Tonight at 9:30pm

Hi all,

Here is a copy of our flight itinerary:  Foothill College Medical August 2014 Honduras
It is a good idea to leave a copy of this with whoever is dropping you off/ picking you up from the airport.

Please remember to bring copies of your passport and copies of your vaccination confirmations if you have not already turned them in to us.  If you do not turn in copies of your vaccines, or if you opt to turn in the vaccination waiver, you will not be able to participate in certain areas of the brigade.  Please read the following from the Global Brigades website:

"Volunteer Requirements:
Volunteers will be able to participate in all aspects of the medical brigade only if they bring a record showing the following immunizations:
• Hepatitis A
 Hepatitis B
 Typhoid - this is not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended.
 Varicella Zoster - this is not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended to get the vaccine if you have not had chicken pox. 
Without a record of vaccinations, volunteers may only observe and enter information in the Data Informatics system. This is for the safety of both the volunteer and the patient."

Remember to also bring the suitcase(s) from our medicine packing day!

If you have any last minute questions, it is best (read: fastest) to call or text Noah or Jamie rather than email.

- Copies of passport
- Copies of vaccine confirmations
- The suitcases filled with medication and supplies
- Everything on the packing list
- $$$ for your Global Brigades T-Shirt 
(and wear it while we are in transit!)

Please let me know if I have forgotten to include anything.  Thanks and see you all soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last Minute Details

Hello everyone,

In one week we will be on our way to Honduras!  Please double check everything before you arrive at the airport.

Please make sure that:

  • Your passport is valid 6 months+ from the date you return to the US
    • Please make copies of your passport.  Leave one at home, one with Mrs. Spragge, and one in a secret spot in your luggage
  • Your Empowered account funds are at $1621 or higher.  If you have a flight deviation, your amount may be different than $1621 and this should have been communicated to you already.  A few people are short on funds.  A couple people are short $0.50.  


  • You have all necessary vaccinations + have vaccination documentation to bring with you
  • You have all items necessary from the packing list
  • You have paid the $15.00 for your Brigades T-Shirt (Please do not stiff Dr. Schultheis!)
  • You are selling raffle tickets for our fundraiser on Thursday! And are passing out fliers!
  • You are ready for our final meeting Saturday, August 16, 12pm-3pm in Room 8711 at Foothill College.  We will be packing our medicine, hygiene pack, and charla supplies.  Please bring any supplies you may have collected as well as old suitcases you are willing to donate to the brigade.

If you have any last minute questions, please email  If we cannot resolve your issue, we will pass your email on to our Global Brigades rep.

Thank you!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hi everyone,

Our fundraising team has booked a raffle night at Panera Bread in Fremont for August 14, 4pm-8pm! You can purchase raffle tickets from the fundraising team, and we will be handing out fliers to family and friends well before the event.  When they turn in these fliers to Panera on August 14th, a portion of Panera's profit from 4-8pm will be donated to our chapter.

Keep an eye out for more information from our fundraising team!

On August 3rd from 12pm-3pm we will have our second mandatory meeting of the summer.  We will be going over basic medical Spanish and learning songs and activities from the Charla group.  We will meet in Room 8711 -- see the "Upcoming Meetings" headline on the right of this blog.

Thank you and keep up the good work, all!

- Jamie

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey Brigaders,

I am currently working on finalizing our travel plans for the upcoming brigade. Specific travel times have been posted under the "Brigade Date" tab in the right hand column of the blog. Please familiarize yourself with them and contact me as soon as you can if there are any problems.

Our travel agent has already booked us 30 tickets leaving and returning at those times. The rest of the brigaders (8 or so) will be booked separately. My understanding is that it is quite likely we will still all be on the same flight together, just booked as a group plus individuals. If this is not the case, we travel in 2 groups - each one with a faculty member. No one will travel alone, so not to worry.

Because a member needs to have $800 in their account before they can be booked separately (in the group of 8), I have already contacted the people on Empowered with the most money in their accounts. I need a response from these people with: birth dates, full names as they appear on your passport, and citizenship status.

While the majority of the group is already booked, prices only go up each day, so I need this information as soon as possible from the people I contacted. The ticket prices will be averaged out so no one will pay more or less than anyone else based on whether they were booked with the group or separately.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. Things are only going to accelerate from here on out, so it is important that everyone be reading all of their emails and responding when necessary.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Heya Brigaders,

Thursday’s fundraiser was a great success! We brought in $387.09. I have not yet calculated the exact expenses, but we easily netted well over $300. I would like to extend a big thank-you to everyone that helped make the event possible: Rachael, Eleanor, Taylor, Amy Brown and Amy Tran, Joel, Sandra, Grace Essien and Grace Hargreaves, Pallavi, Eric, Noelle, and Alison.

I would also like to direct lots of praise towards Summer for being so involved in the planning of the event, and for baking an entire gross of meticulously crafted, delicious cupcakes. Thank you Summer!!

I was not present at the event the entire time and have an inaccurate record of who attended - please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if I failed to acknowledge you in this post and I will amend it as soon as possible.


Sunday, May 11, 2014


Howdy Y'all,

Check out the upcoming events section in the column to the right-hand side of the blog for information on upcoming fundraisers. These are all in the works and require the participation of brigaders to be successful.

I can only do so much as co-president. I need brigaders from the fundraising committees to help plan these events and take care of logistics. I will be emailing individual members who have expressed interest in working on fundraising, but you can also contact me if you wish to help out.

I have to be sure that a minimum number of people will be helping out at each event, or I cannot have confidence that the event will be possible. It is very important that you RSVP on the sign up sheets. They are attached as links in the descriptions of the fundraisers.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flea Market Success!

Yesterday's flea market went really well. We earned a total of $699.48! After the $60 expense for the space, we made a net gain of $639.48.

It was pretty exhausting, but I'm sure those that helped out would agree it was both fun and rewarding. I would like to give an enormous thank-you to everyone that helped out: Sandra, Rachael, Eleanor, Swaran, Pallavi, Alison, Drew, Jamie, John, Ally, Joel, Patricia, Ryan, Summer, Grace, and professor Schultheis. Each one of you did a fantastic job. Events like this aren't possible without your participation!

I am looking forward to planning at least 4 more fundraisers before our brigade - at least a couple of which need to be held before the end of the quarter. It will help the planning process immensely if everyone (who is in the Foothill area) would take the time to respond thoroughly to this survey.

Here are the fundraisers I am intent on executing and information about them. I am always open to more ideas and I would love for brigaders to contact me if they have interest in taking on a leadership role in planning one or more of these events:

Raffle - I have already obtained two Kindle readers and one of those fancy watches that links to your phone that can be used as prizes. It would be great to get some more prizes - a big ticket item (something valuable and useful to most people - electronics are great), as well as a bunch of smaller prizes (t-shirts, gift baskets/cards, services, etc.).

Last year we combined this event with a restaurant fundraiser. Brigaders invited their family/friends to come out to dinner, and a percentage of every bill was donated to us by BJ’s Brewery. We also used their space to raffle things off. It would be great to hold this event at a restaurant or bar.

For this event, we need brigaders to obtain more prizes and to let me know what dates and times they are available to attend. This fundraiser will likely be held over the summer.

Bar Event - I imagine this as a casual event at a bar somewhere between San Jose and San Francisco. If we can arrange for a bar to donate a percentage of our (or ideally everyone’s) bill for the night, this should be minimal work for most of us - all we need to do is just show up and have a good time. This event could take place anytime in between now and our brigade. Directly after finals could be a good time.

A couple of brigaders will have to approach bars to see what they can offer us. We will also need to know brigader’s availabilities.

I have already been in touch with Nola’s in Palo Alto, but I haven’t followed up with them yet because they needed a date and rough headcount.

Donut Sale + Guessing Game - This fundraiser will have to be held at Foothill, during the day. We need to have a date and time figured out by May 13th so we can get approval from the school.

We will also get the Dental Hygiene program at Foothill to put out a gigantic bucket of toothbrushes. People can pay a buck to take a guess at how many toothbrushes there are. The closest guess will win half of the money spent on guesses.

Brigaders will have to respond with their availability so we can set a time/date, and we will also need to solicit places to get food/drinks donated.

Movie Screening - There is a theater on campus where we could show a movie, and possibly provide food. We could sell tickets or, more likely, have a suggested donation at the door. We can advertise the event through the Biology department at Foothill - some professors might even be willing to give extra credit for attending.

We have a lot of options with this fundraiser. We could screen a movie that is related to what we do as Medical Brigades (related to healthcare or Central America), or we could screen something that is relevant to Biology to cater to the Bio professors and students, or we could screen something unrelated and enjoyable.

A good time for this fundraiser would be in the evening at Foothill, after classes let out. It will have to be held before spring quarter ends and we will need to get the school’s approval, so we need to have the even fully planned by May 13th or 20th.

Depending on what we screen, we may have to pay a screening fee. A brigader will have to search for the producers of the movie and see if we owe them anything for the screening.