Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello everyone.

Here's hoping that you all enjoyed the nice long weekend as well as the beautiful weather it brought!

I want to start right off the bat with an announcement concerning the upcoming Global Brigades Exchange on March 3, 2013 from 9:00AM-5:00PM held at UC Davis.  

The GB Exchange is a single-day, completely FREE, event during which Global Brigades volunteers from around San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Davis, Santa Cruz and all across northern California will gather to meet other like-minded students, share best practices in fundraising and recruiting, learn about more job and internship opportunities and discuss sustainable development practices in the communities in which we work. 

Registration for this event is due TOMORROW February, 21st, 2013 at 8:00PM. Again, it's free to register and this would be an excellent opportunity to meet other brigaders, shares ideas about fundraising techniques, and overall learn more about Global Brigades and how you, as a member, are actively taking part in bettering the conditions of the developing world.

I've already registered and you should too! (Maybe we could carpool!) And for those of you who are planning to transfer to UC Davis, this would also be an excellent opportunity to visit your future university! 

I will forward everyone the email that Karen sent me concerning the Exchange, but here's where you can register and save your seat! 

Register for the GB Exchange!

In other news, I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who participated in the Valentine's Day fundraiser. The booth looked beautiful and I felt so inspired seeing so many members taking the time to come and support Medical Brigades. We were able to make ~$160 and then some from staff! This money will go to purchasing medicine and medical supplies needed for the brigade in August. Not only are events like these for raising money, but they also act as a great may to expose our club and make Brigades known to Foothill College and the community. 

Concerning the position of Co-VP of Medicine, voting is still open! Make sure to read the written statements of the candidates below and cast your vote! Voting will close tomorrow Thursday, February 21st at 8:00PM. We plan to introduce the new Co-VP of Medicine to the club at the next meeting on Friday. Remember, Co-VP of Medicine is a huge role and will most likely require an entire committee. So, if you still want to be a part of collecting supplies and medicine, there's plenty of room for more members to help. On Friday's meeting, we will discuss different fundraising techniques for collecting medications.

Our double wide space for the De Anza Flea Market has officially been booked! This will occur on March 2nd, on a Saturday. I hope you have all been collecting donations. Remember: it's a flea market, so anything goes! We have secured a room at Foothill in which we can store donations. So, if you have donations you wanted to have us hold until the event, please contact the club email and we'll schedule to meet with you. We will be collecting donations until March 1st, 2013. Also, Brigades will have a face painting booth at the flea market, so we plan to have a practice session at the next meeting. So, bring your artsy game! If you are available to volunteer for the flea market, please put your name down on the google doc sign up sheet.

De Anza Flea Market Shifts

Lastly, I'd like to end with a video of our August 2012 brigade that our past president, Yasmin Taghikhan, made. I'm seeing a lot of new faces every meeting and I'm sure you all have many questions about what a brigade actually looks like and what role we as brigaders play during the process. Remember to keep yourself informed by reading the wikidot site for Global Brigades provided for you on the far right under Links

Medical Brigade 2012 (Foothill College)

See you all on Friday.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Co-VP of Medicine Online Election

Thank you, Jansey Lagdamen and Vivian To for submitting your written statement for the position of Co-VP of Medicine.

Brigaders, please read the following statements written by Vivian and Jansey. Once finished, cast your vote to the club email provided on the right under About Us. Please have the subject of your email be Position of Co-VP of Medicine Vote and then write the name of the candidate of your choice in the body of the email. That's it!

We plan to introduce the new Co-VP of Medicine at the next meeting on Friday, February 22nd, 2013. So, voting will close on Thursday, February 21st, 2013 at 8:00PM.  There's no reason why you shouldn't submit your vote right after reading this post! Enjoy the long weekend.

Jansey Ladgamen

Hello Brigaders!

My name is Jansey Lagdamen and I would like to run for the Co-VP of medicine position because I want to get more involved with the club and use may past experiences to help make it even better. I was president of the Biology Student Association at San Jose State University, where I helped students participate in scientific research, with faculty members, along with the scientists and engineers at NASA.  I also worked with UCSF in getting students informed about their various healthcare programs. I like doing community service and have traveled with a group of students and staff members to participate in service in Louisiana to help rebuild houses badly affected by hurricane Katrina. I currently volunteer at Stanford Hospital and Clinics assisting the nurses at the intermediate intensive care unit and have enjoyed it. The cause is what drew me to join the Medical Brigades and I am looking forward to learning more about the club!

Thank you,

Jansey Lagdamen

Vivian To

Hello everybody, my name is Vivian To and I am interested in running for Co-VP of medicine. The main reason why I am interested in this position is the fact that I am trying to get a degree/major in pharmacy and I believe that if I got this position, it will allow me to gain experience and knowledge of the medicine world.  Another reason why I would like run for this position is I want to be involved as much as I can and I believe running for this position will allow me to participate in more things then just as a bridgader.
            Although I do not have an experience in the field of healthcare or pharmaceutical I believe I will be a good candidate. One reason why I believe I’ll be a good candidate is I am friendly and sociable which will allow me to talk and try to recruit a professional to help store our medication. Another reason why I believe that I would be a good candidate for this position would be how I am organize and efficient in getting what I need to get done, done. If I could be Co-VP medication, I will do my best and spend my time in trying to get as much medication as I can.
If I was able to get this position, I will do my best to contribute as much as I can for the club.  Since it is my third year at foothill, I have complete most of my criteria but still need to finish a few so I have a lot of free time to offer. Along with time I could offer, I can come up with new ideas, help the other club officers if they need it and just become another person who can make the trip to Honduras happen. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hello all and Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the snake!

I wanted to make a quick entry to update you all before the meeting tomorrow (Monday, February 11th, 2013 at 3:00PM in Room 8710).

Our First Fundraiser is Upon Us!

As you all probably already know, our first fundraiser will be held this week on campus February 14th, 2013 from 10:00AM- 1:00PM. We will be setting up a table near the Smart Shop (near the bookstore and cafeteria) to sell Valentine's Day balloons. If you are available to help during this time, make sure to put your name on the sign up sheet provided on the previous blog post. Also, we will be needing a poster advertising the different types of balloons for sale along with prices. So, we ask that brigaders with a creative side help us out with this. Below I have provided you with pictures of the balloons and prices. Please feel free to print these out and use them for the poster.

If you need a larger version, please let us know via the club email and I will provide you with this.  
Below is a table of prices.

We were also thinking of making posters using tri fold poster boards with general information about the club. These posters might include information about Global Brigades, how to become involved in the Foothill College branch, as well as plenty of photos from the 2012 brigade which I can provide you with. Our advisers, Karen and Lisa, should have plenty of tri fold poster boards from previous classes. So, we've got that covered! For those of you who are unable to make it to the fundraiser on Thursday, helping to make these posters would be an excellent may to stay actively involved! The fundraiser is this week, so let us know as soon as possible!

Flea Market Fundraiser

The De Anza Flea Market is the next fundraiser we have coming up on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013. Although it's not until next month, it's never too early to start preparing! So, remember:
  • Keep collecting donations! It's a flea market, so anything goes! Ask friends, family, neighbors, etc. if they have anything they're willing to give away. Chances are they do!
  • Still in need of a table, tent/tarp and racks for clothing.
  • Brigaders, if you're free the Saturday morning of the flea market, come out and help man the table. Medical Brigades is also planning to set up a face painting booth, so we'll need volunteers for that as well. We plan to have a face painting practice session in an upcoming meeting, so don't miss it!
Position of Co-VP of Medicine 

I sent out an email to all 2013 members last week stating that any members interested in running for Co-VP of Medicine must write a statement of purpose telling the club
  • Why you wish to run for this position
  • What makes you a good candidate
  • Any experience you may have in the fields of healthcare/pharmaceuticals (not required)
  • What you will contribute to the club as a club officer 
This statement of purpose should be sent to the club email no later than tomorrow (Monday, February 11th, 2013 at 7:00PM). Once all statements have been sent in, I will post them onto the blog and voting may begin. In order to vote, please send an email to the club email with Co-VP of Medicine Election in the subject line and have the name of the candidate you vote for in the body of the email. 

Deposit Reminders

Here is just a reminder of the deposits that must be made by each member to participate in the brigade. These are not individual payments (as in, you do not have to pay $250 dollars once, and then make another $800 payment.) Think of these as "levels" of payments/the total amount that should be in your empowered account by the indicated date.

  • Initial Pledge - $250 Total on account (Gabe and I have set the due date for this deposit to be the end of April)
  • 40 Day Deadline - $800 Total on account (date set by GB, 40 Days before brigade departure date)
  • 14 Day Deadline - $750 + airfare on account (date set by GB, 14 Days before brigade departure date)
    • Airfare varies for each brigade and once flights are confirmed for the group, this final total contribution amount will be available

I hope to see some new as well as some familiar faces at the meeting tomorrow.

Bon Sunday. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Sale Sign Up

Hey everyone. Just a quick note. If you are interested in helping out our Valentine's Day "flower balloon" sale on campus, Feb 14 from 10am-1pm, please follow the link below to add your name to our shift sign up sheet. Thanks and I hope to see you there.



Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hey guys! Hope everyone's weekend is going well.

A big thanks to everyone who made it out to bowling night last night! It was awesome to just be able to spend time with fellow members. For those of you who were unable to make it, no worries! There's bound to be plenty more off campus hangouts in the future!

I wanted to say a quick something about the ASFC Budget Request hearing. Overall, I feel it went quite well. There were other clubs there who were asking for around the same amount (if not more) than what Medical Brigades was asking for. I was asked plenty of questions and received some positive feedback. So, all do to now is wait for some news from ASFC.. And remember, brigaders, even if we're not granted the entire amount, it shouldn't be something to worry about. We mustn't forget that the budget request we submitted is only acting as a "push".. The rest is up to us!

In other news, our first fundraiser is coming up soon (2/14)! I have the names of members who signed up for taking shifts in a previous post, if anyone else is interested, please let me know via email or during the next meeting! We have all the supplies we need (table, chairs, and balloons), now all we need are some more volunteers!

For those of you who were wondering, the position of Co-VP of Medicine is still available. As I have stated before in previous emails, I have had a handful of people express interest in assuming this position. Those of you who are interested but have still not emailed me confirming so, please do this whenever is most convenient for you so I may compile a list of possible candidates. Gabe and I will plan a meeting for elections. Seeing how being able to meet at weekly meetings is difficult enough, we'll have to find some type of alternative.. We'll keep you updated on this.

Speaking of difficulty finding appropriate meeting times, Gabe and I were having some talk about changing the weekly meetings to Fridays. It seems like a lot of people have class or lab in the afternoons on Wednesdays and Mondays.

Also, the official date of the brigade will be determined sometime in the next few weeks. Gabe and I have tried to work around everyone's schedules what with summer classes and people transferring to semester schools.. However, this is next to impossible to do. If the date of the brigade happens to conflict with your summer plans, fret not! I have been asked multiple times if you must participate in the brigade to be part of the club. The answer? No, there is still plenty to do and become active in even if you do not plan on coming with us to Honduras.

All in all, I hope to see more of you at future meetings and fundraisers!

Bon Sunday.