Friday, January 25, 2013

Salut, Brigaders! Wow! Another week came and went. This month really is just zipping by!

Alright so, first things first:

Attention to all 2012 Brigaders:
If anyone is available on Tuesday,  January 29th from 3:00PM-3:15PM to accompany me to the ASFC Budget Request hearing and talk about your experiences in Honduras, please let me know. Foothill College Medical Brigades club has recently requested for ASFC's financial assistance so that the $750 contribution fee that each member is required to make in order to participate in the brigade will be covered. Being granted the amount we requested (or even just a portion!) would make an amazing contribution to the success of the brigade. One of the main conflicts Gabe and I encounter is students that are very interested in coming on the brigade but are unsure if they are able to make the financial commitment. I will give a short 15 minute presentation while I ask for 2-3 2012 Brigaders to share a bit about their experiences on the brigade to give the board a little more insight on our cause. So, if this time does not conflict with your schedule and you would like to come and represent Brigades at the hearing, please let me know. The best way to get in contact with me would be through my personal email,, or the Foothill College Medical Brigades club email,

Brigades is looking for another Co-VP of Medicine:
One of our Co-VP's of Medicine had to attend to business on the East coast and we are unsure of when he will return to California. In his absence, we are looking for another member who is willing to assume the position of Co-VP of Medicine. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the duties entitled to a Co-VP of Medicine, they are stated in the Foothill College Medical Brigades Constitution as follows:

(a) Coordinate the acquisition and storage of medication and medical supplies to be donated to
the yearly medical brigade.

(b) Recruit and serve as a contact for a Licensed Health Professional who will maintain and
provide storage for said medications and medical supplies.

 You will be provided with a medical supply list in which you and Garrick will be responsible for obtaining all the supplies listed. You will also recruit a Licensed Health Professional. A Licensed Health Professional may include an M.D., D.O, N.P., or P.A.

Now, I know that assuming this position (or any leadership position for that matter) may seem heavy and a bit daunting, especially for those of you who are new to the club, but it doesn't have to seem this way! It is important to remember that none of us are alone in this. You will have the help of your Co-VP, Global Brigades, and the entire Foothill College Medical Brigades club. One of my professors once told me that you should always strive to reach places in which you are unfamiliar and to always attempt things in which you are unsure of the outcome. So, if you have never pictured yourself as much of a leader here's your chance to learn a bit more about yourself! 

If you're interested in this position, you can notify Gabe or myself via email or at the next meeting. 

Fundraisers, fundraisers, fundraisers!

Last week's meeting was full of new faces all of which were eager to get more involved! Here's the list of our upcoming fundraisers and the corresponding committees:

  • Valentine's Day Fundraiser (2/14): Hana, Andy, Garrick, Amanda, Vivian, Joe, Eden, Runrun, and Beniel
  • De Anza Flea Market (3/2): Yasmin, Edgar, Vivian, Amanda, Eden, Saleem, Hong, Berrah, and Benial
  • Escape Fire Movie Screening (3/8): Gabe, Berrah, Hong, Amanda, Hana, Vivian, Runrun
  • Dana Street Benefit Concert (3/23): Benial, Andy, and Hana. 
  • Doughnuts and Coffee Fundraiser (TBA): Hana, Berrah, and Gabe
This is a great start, but we could always use more members! So, if your name is not on here but would like to become part of a committee, let us all know at the next meeting.

Speaking of fundraisers...

One of Beniel's musician friends has agreed to play for the concert! Check her out!

 Since Dana St. gave us a time slot from 8:00PM to 10:00PM, Beniel thought it would be a good idea to have more than one artist perform. So, stay tuned for future updates on artists.

Bowling anyone...?
Gabe and I thought it would be a good idea to a hold an informal meeting (more just like a hang out) off campus Saturday, February 2nd, 2013. This would be a good opportunity for those of you who cannot make the weekly meetings to get caught up and get to know other members. Also, you're more than welcome to bring your friends or anyone else who wishes to tag along. So, if you guys are down to throw some bones and blow off some steam after midterms, come out next weekend! We'll keep you posted on the time and location.

Hana Arumi

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello Brigaders,

I hope the Winter quarter has been treating you all very well so far. Foothill College Medical Brigades had their first meeting last Wednesday and for those who were not able to make it, here's the scoop:

First off, I'm proud to introduce our new secretary for this quarter: Hong Nguyen 
Thank you, Hong! It's always great to see fellow brigaders wishing to step up and assume more responsibilities in the club.

Second, here are the topics that were voted upon concerning receiving and use of funds:
  • $500 Special Events Fund provided by OBD (Organizations Board of Directors at Foothill College) to be utilized for funding Escape Fire screening
  • $150 from club account to purchase Foothill College Medical Brigades banner for tabling events
  • $150 from club account for general PR flyers
  • $60 from club account to rent a table at the De Anza Flea Market

Third, Gabe has put together a beautiful canvassing flyer that brigaders should take advantage of when looking for possible sponsors. I will send out an email to all members with the link for the flyer attached. Be proactive and spend an afternoon handing these out to establishments in your local downtown area.

Next, some of our fundraising ideas are finally underway and committees have been formed! Gabe and I thought it to be most effective if a number of members each take the lead on a specific fundraiser. Here are the fundraisers, dates they are planned to be held, and members associated with them:

  •  Valentine's Day Fundraiser (February 14th, 2013): Hana, Andy, Garrick. We will set up a table and sell balloon "animal" flowers made by a talented relative of Dr. Erickson. We need members to be able to man the table to help pump balloons, provide curious individuals information about our club/cause, handle sales, and find a table and chairs we can use for this fundraiser.
  • De Anza Flea Market (March 2, 2013): Yasmin. De Anza College holds a flea market the first Saturday of every month. This means we need members to help set up, man the table, and provide/ask around for donations. It's a flea market, so when thinking of things to donate: anything goes!
  • Escape Fire Movie Screening (March 8, 2013): Gabe, Berrah. Medical Brigades is planning on holding a movie screening of the documentary of Escape Fire in Appreciation Hall on campus. We're looking for members who are willing to act as ushers as well as look for a guest speaker to come and talk about preventive health. 
  • Benefit Concert (March 23, 2013): Beniel, Andy, Hana. Dana Street Roasting Co. in downtown Mountain View has agreed to let us use their cafe as a venue for a benefit concert! Now, all we need is a band! We were thinking about a band that plays a genre of music that's enjoyable by a large and possibly older crowd. (A high school punk band would not be ideal.) If any members know any musicians or have equipment for a show (i.e. amps, mics, etc.), let us know!
  • Doughnuts and Coffee Fundraiser (TBA): Medical Brigades thought it would be a great idea to set up a table on campus during the morning and sell doughnuts and coffee. What broke and overworked college student wouldn't go for cheap doughnuts and coffee in the morning? So, we need members to contact establishments (i.e. Krispy Kreme, Peet's Tea and Coffee, etc.) who might be willing to donate their products in exchange for either a cut of the profits or advertising their product on our campus. 
As you can see, we've got a busy few weeks ahead of us! With this being said, we really need the active participation of every member. Gabe and I really do appreciate the interest of individual members in our club/cause, but in order to make this experience a great success, every brigader needs to put in their fair share of efforts. Remember, Medical Brigades is not only about helping those less fortunate than us, it's about what we learn in the process of doing so. This meaning learning what it means to be a leader, working collaboratively with others, and striving for something much bigger than yourself.

Hana Arumi

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year, Foothill Brigaders!

As promised, Gabe and I would keep you all updated on future meetings. So, our first meeting for Winter quarter will be on Wednesday, January 16th at 3:00PM in room 5407.

During this meeting, there are several things that need to be discussed/ voted on:
  • Making use of our $500 Event Fund to help fund the Escape Fire movie screening
  • Funding a Foothill College Medical Brigades table banner
  • Appointing a new OBD representative
  • The role of secretary is a quarterly position. So, for those who wish to take this position this quarter, let us know!
  • Exact date of brigade
Also, we really need to get the ball rolling on putting all our great fundraising ideas to action! So, here are some topics to start thinking about before attending the first meeting:
  • Collecting donations for our booth at the De Anza Flea Market
  • Putting together a Valentine's fundraiser (i.e. selling balloons, roses, etc.)
  • Finding out about local street fairs/events in which Foothill College Medical Brigades could set up a booth
  • Looking for local artists for a benefit concert
 Looking forward to seeing you all there!

À bientôt,
Hana Arumi