Monday, December 3, 2012

Salutations, fellow Brigaders!

The end of the quarter is almost upon us! I'm sure you're all busy studying and preparing for finals week, so here is yet another overview of last week's meeting as well as topics for our upcoming meeting on Dec. 5th, 2012 at 12PM-1PM in Room 5302.

Location of August 2013 Foothill College Medical Brigade:
Gabe and I have decided that the destination of Foothill's August 2013 Medical Brigade will be to Honduras. We felt this would be the best idea seeing how we already have experience there, along with established coordinators and advisers.

Deadlines for Deposits:
In order to view all deposits that eventually must be made by each member, you can visit
Go to the Program Planning tab and select Medical from the drop down list.
From there, select Brigade Planning.
About halfway down the page you will find Important Deadlines
These deadlines include both deposit and medication deadlines. The deposit deadline that we placed the most emphasis on during the last meeting was the $250 Initial Pledge deposit that should be made on 3.5-4 months before the brigade departure date. The departure date of the brigade will not be until late August. So, this will give potential members plenty of time to join us!

Medicine Donations:
We discussed a bit about donating medicine and medical supplies. We encourage you all to be proactive and find companies and organizations that are willing to donate medical supplies for us to bring with us on the brigade. However, when doing this, keep these important conditions in mind:
  • The medication must have an expiration date at least 1 year from the date of the brigade
  • The shelf life for the medication must be at least 1 year
  • The medication cannot have been prescribed to someone else
Calling All Old Suitcases!
If you have any old suitcases/duffel bags that you no longer use, Medical Brigades would be happy to take them! During our brigade last year, suitcases were used to carry medical supplies to and from the clinic. These suitcases were then left in Honduras so they might be used by future brigaders or community members.

Doctors/Dentists/Medical Students to Come Along on Brigade:
This year we are really striving to be able to get doctors, dentists, and/or medical students to be able to come with us on the brigade. The cost for hiring a doctor runs $100 a day for 3 clinic days and for dentists it is $75 a day for 3 clinic days. With this being said, please reach out to a family physician, dentist, or any other connection you may have in the healthcare field.

Fundraising Ideas Galore!
You guys all did a great job coming up with such awesome ideas for fundraising! Here's the list:

  • Benefit Concert
  • Philantropy Happy Hour
  • Flea Market at De Anza/Foothill College
  • Bike/Walk/Wash-a-thon
  • Face painting/Henna Tattoos/Informational Booths at Local Street Fairs, Farmer's Markets, Art & Wine Festivals, Christmas in the Park etc. 
  • Gift Wrapping for Donations in Local Malls
  • Escape Fire Movie Night on Campus  
 Don't Forget About Personal Fundraising, Too!  
I have already sent all of you the template you may use to ask for personal donations from family, friends, professors, etc. Feel free to edit it to make it sound more personalized. Also, make sure to tell potential donators that their donations are tax deductible and that they will receive a receipt via email if they make their donation through the Empowered website. If donators wish to make a donation out by check, please let them know that the check must be made out to Global Brigades, Inc.

I would personally like to discuss the possibility of having the Gift Wrapping and Christmas in the Park fundraisers over Winter Break. The holidays are a great opportunity for fundraising. Also, it  would be exciting to have our first fundraiser so early in the academic year!

So, we'll discuss this possibility as well as several other topics that I'd like all of your inputs on! I'll see you all at the next meeting: Dec. 5th, 2012, 12PM-1PM in Room 5302.

(I can't get enough of these BigThink videos! Here's one for all of you that have a Physics midterm coming up!)  Sir Isaac Newton

Kind Regards,
Hana Arumi